Ready to sing your story?

The Cooper Voice Studio offers the building blocks to help you tell your story through song.  Your voice is an integral portal of communication between you and the rest of the world, whether you are soaring your story from the "big stage" to a massive crowd or sharing your story from a tiny platform to a small collective of music-lovers in a cozy setting.  Effective storytelling derives from connection, emotion, dynamics, nuance, phrasing, clarity, and honesty. Healthy technique, practical guidance, and performance practice can help you deliver a wide spectrum of those elements, and release your authentic self through song.  


One of Jennifer's greatest joys, second only to performing, is teaching others how to achieve their goals in singing and performing.  Her Private Studio and intensive Vocal Technique Workshop:

  • offers a comprehensive look at the muscles, organs, tissues and mechanics of correct, efficient breathing and singing
  • is then applied directly to the process of improving vocal range, dynamics, clarity, tone quality, agility, and more
  • offers specific vocal exercises that are introduced, explained, demonstrated, and applied in order to strengthen any weaknesses in the voice and provide balance and synergy among all associated muscle groups in the singing process.

Students gain a deeper, clearer understanding of "how it all works", equipped with a tool box full of information and exercises that may be used to address any inquiry about one's own personal vocal and breathing mechanics.

Initial terms that are introduced, defined, explored and discussed include: Volition, Respiration, Phonation, Resonation, Articulation.  These terms and their definitions provide the language foundation for further communication throughout the workshop.

Other anatomical aspects that are addressed and explained include:  Lungs, rib cage, intercostals, diaphragm, abdominals, etc. with regard to breathing.  Also: Significant intrinsic muscles, important cartilage structures and functional ligaments and tissues of the larynx, trachea, as well as various components and structures of the resonator (human head)... all with regard to phonation and resonation.

Articulation is also discussed with regard to its enhancement through the study of IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).  This includes a fascinating exploration of the "spacing and placing" of the infinite number of vowels and consonants used by humans around the world.     

And, of course, a myriad of very specific vocal exercises are introduced, explained, demonstrated and applied with clear and helpful instruction as to why the exercise is helpful for a certain intrinsic laryngeal muscle group (through isolation of that group), or helpful for the overall synergy of several muscle groups (as with a blended vocal exercise).

In addition, vocal pathologies are discussed (cysts, nodes, polyps, paralysis, etc.) as well as the sources and ramifications of congenital conditions vs. vocal abuse.  Other issues often addressed via Q&A periods include allergies, vocal fatigue, general illness, etc.


Beyond the technical realm, there is the beauty of artistry and interpretation. This, of course, is why we do what we do!  Our desire to communicate through sound and lyrics, embody characters and tell stories, is something most of us simply can't explain, but feel compelled to do, nonetheless!  Access to limitless choices of dynamics, range, tone quality and color, is best achieved with a voice and breathing system that is functioning at its fullest and healthiest potential.  

Ms. Cooper generally uses piano accompaniment tracks for private lessons, but hires a professional pianist for all master classes and recitals so that students engage in the important collaborative process of working with a live accompanist.  Separate fees apply.

Ms. Cooper is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, which facilitates opportunities for students who qualify to participate in local, regional and national singing competitions.

Cooper Voice Studio private voice lessons will provide the necessary tools to help you achieve your potential and enjoy the true freedom of the purest, most exciting form of vocal expression!


Now that you know more about the Cooper Voice Studio, let's learn more about you!  If you are interested in booking a voice lesson, please complete the Voice Lesson Intake Form.